Fussy days, cranky nights

Fussy days, cranky nights

Tired and hurting today.

Had a typical new parent experience last night…Jacob was pretty fussy all night long. Nothing would calm him down, so eventually Laureen showed me the substitute pacifier trick of the back of the pinky finger. That calmed him down. It also calmed me down to the point of knocking me out until 3:30 a.m….

I’m hurting because our bed is nearly a commune these days. If the bottom of the bed were home plate, you’d have Chewie at catcher, Laureen at first, Jacob at second in a Snuggle Nest, and me at third. Of course, Jacob has elected to play shortstop, which winds up crowding me to roughly the leftmost foot-width of the bed. Combine that with falling asleep in my clothes last night, and you’ve got a Kevin who needs advil and icy hot.

I’m glad I have a job. I’m just worn out right now.


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6 Responses to Fussy days, cranky nights

  1. DeRigeur says:

    Wait until the kid starts throwing knees and elbows into you. I swear, there’s a point when they’re all bones and sharp points.

  2. DeRigeur says:

    Oh, and be careful to keep the pinky trimmed. Baby palates are tender 🙂

  3. Bluesapphire says:

    I was so glad Mikey didn’t sleep with us(the waterbed issue). I did get to keep up on old episodes of St Elsewhere (2 AM, channel 21).
    Boy that was a long time ago. As he gets older, watch the length of his nails. Mikey gave me a bad corneal tear when he was a year old.

  4. DeRigeur says:

    Editorial in the Dallas Morning News admitting liberal bias, and requesting an end to it.


    (Oh, and if you’re as annoyed by the required registration, try http://www.bugmenot.com)

    Happy Baby!

  5. Captain Sunshine says:

    Yeah, like the DMN isn’t conservative out the wazoo. Just another So-Called-Liberal-Media outlet toeing the party line.

    "The ONLY bias is LIBERAL bias."

    Way to threadjack somebody’s baby story, doofus.


  6. lopey says:

    Don’t worry too much about the media bias thing, CS; we have this argument quite a bit. I’ve linked to spinsanity.org as a new rss feed to smooth things out a bit.

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