The week

The week

Well, I can’t believe it. Charlie’s actually gone to Canada. He packed up his car yesterday, said “goodbye” to Laureen (I was at work), and headed off to the next installment of his Amazing Adventure. One of these days, I’ll tell more of Charlie’s story, but he’ll have to tell it first.

I pray for God’s blessings on him and his family. The next steps aren’t going to be easy, but he’s managed to walk a pretty narrow path while he’s been with us, and I can only hope he holds to the course and doesn’t get overly depressed about life.

Congratulations to Chris and Lisa on their impending move. Having been a guest in their house on numerous occasions, I’m really happy that Lisa’s getting a bigger kitchen. The current shoebox arrangement they have now is…”cozy”. It has a small work triangle, definitely.

Congratulations to Mickey Robison for getting a job with Countrywide. It’s nice to hear him be late “because he has to work”.

Jacob: I love this kid. He’s growing up. He’s graduated from “Burrito Boy” to “Burrito Grande”… I’ve promised pictures before, and I’ll get around to them soon, once I get a chance to futz around with the computer. I’ll soon have a page solely for Jacob’s pics.

Work: I hate overhearing conversations where people are talking on the phone relatively loudly. You always hear the strangest things. It’s hard not to make value judgments against my coworkers based on what I hear, but when one woman’s conversation consists primarily of the phrase “Shut Up” (said with multiple different intonations), it’s hard to be nice.

My cubicle is on a main hallway, and as such there are oftentimes group conversations right outside it. A complicating factor is my proximity to the break room. I’ve only had to stand up once to get people to move (I was on a conference call at the time, and their talk of water skiing was throwing me).

Currently reading: D-Day by Stephen Ambrose. After reading Citizen Soliders, I wanted to read some more books by this eminent war historian. Reading this book around Memorial Day puts things in perspective.

What I Still Have To Do: pay bills. get car registered. figure out where the BNL CD went.

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