New Pictures

New Pictures

Pictures from various times. The date is listed in the filename of the pic.

I Like This
Four Hours Old
Gotta Baby
Checkin out the Jeep
Stretch baby
Stretch baby 2
With Dad
Looking GQ there, Dad
How’d I wind up here?
Oh, she did it…
Blue butterfly
Mommies give the BEST kisses
Nice wrap, Dad
Big Face
Who’s more tired?
Sweet repose
Doubly Sweet Repose
My Blue Onesie
Tai Chi on the Boppy

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3 Responses to New Pictures

  1. Mommy says:

    Big Face is really just a Mommy’s eye view of baby. Cool, isn’t it? And I get that view almost any time I want. 🙂 But if anyone else wants to experience it, come on over–and I’ll take a nap. 😎

  2. DeRigeur says:

    He looks so serene in "Tai Chi on the Boppy!" why do they lose that?

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