Jacob, School, and Reversing the Field

This note comes courtesy of Laureen:

Ok-looks like homeschooling is officially on hold. Seems like Mrs. Fuller  is dearly beloved by all the staff, and judging by the number of older kids who stopped by to say hello to her at meet-the-teacher tonight, her students love her, too. Jacob’s class has 15 girls, 7 boys, and a veteran teacher who still loves to teach, in an an “exemplary” rated school where the teachers don’t actually feel the pressure of TAKS testing, because they just do their job of teaching and let the students shine on their own (rough translation of her answer when Kevin asked about it).

He starts Monday at 8am. Mommy is shocked at her change of heart, but grateful for having a new principal  who comes highly recommended by the mom of a child in the principal’s former school–because there Dr. Eldredge knew every student and family, among other wonderful reports. Wow. Wow! 🙂 And Jacob is super-excited…after 2 hours there tonight he walked around as if he owned the place, and had to be dragged out of his classroom when it was over–he was having too much fun exploring all the new sights in the room.

Still, Mommy’s crying. You’d think that after four years of preschool I’d be a little better at letting him go and grow up again. Sigh. –Love, Laureen 🙂

And as far as Daddy’s concerned, whatever works best. So far, Abbett Elementary seems like a nice place to be, so we’ll roll with it. There’s still hope that Jacob will get to go to the gifted and talented academy should a space open, but right now, they’re full.

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