Summer Resources for Dr. Berry’s kids

Dear Berry Bunch Parent,

I have so enjoyed having your child in my class this year! I just don’t want this year to end!! I want to do everything I can to help your child have the best 1st-grade experience ever–and it all starts with this summer.

I cannot tell you enough how important summer learning is to your child’s success this fall! Please read, read, read all summer long! And do math all summer long, too! And art projects, and music, and whatever else your child enjoys. Keep brains engaged all summer, and fall will be SO much easier! Many students lose more than a month of academic progress by the time they return to school after summer break*. You can do so much for your child’s further education by just engaging his or her brain this summer.

Reading is a crucial skill for all academic subjects (yes, even math!). More than anything else, be sure your child reads, reads, READS this summer! (Remember, choosing AR books within your child’s AR reading level range makes it easier to match books to his or her ability–but if you can’t find an AR book, have them read anything, anyway!) Here are a few engaging ways to keep up interest:

Note: you can access an online version of this letter, complete with links below, at

summer reading

The Summer Reading Program at the Garland Nicholson Memorial Public Library–Registration begins
this Sunday, June 3rd. Walnut Glen has won the Nicholson Cup for 5 years in a row…help us win our sixth! (Half-Price Books “Feed Your Brain” summer reading program) (reading lists targeted to the gifted child)

other resources (links & resources lists from our own Walnut Glen homepage) (worksheets for almost all topics; some free, others require a 1-yr paid membership) (creative writing prompts) (interactive games & more) (high-frequency word lists for emerging readers)

Please share with us any other amazing resources you discover. Happy reading, math, and art to you all this summer!


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