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Where The Words Come From

Jacob’s been a talkative four year-old lately. Notable moments: “Yippee-ki-yo-ki-yay.” We’re not sure where that came from. Hopefully not a Bruce Willis movie. He went with my mom and dad to Central Market this past Saturday where they had a … Continue reading

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Updates, Better Dates, etc.

So, the frostbite “gap” hasn’t healed. I’ve got an appointment with a wound care specialist this upcoming Friday. If that doesn’t help, surgery will be needed…. I’ve added some new galleries for the kids from February to April. The links … Continue reading

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Oprah, New Age, and … Whatever

You know, I’m already sick and tired of this. If you don’t know what’s going on, here’s a youtube clip. Now, let’s get beyond the fact that this is, essentially, an 8 minute ad for this person’s book. Let’s move … Continue reading

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Following Up on church stuff

It’s been a while since I posted about my little Springcreek drama (where I had a hard time listening to other people), so a followup is in order. Tonight, after the First Wednesday service, Scott (the guy who gets paid … Continue reading

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