Chewie and the ACL

Chewie and the ACL

I never knew my dog played football. Well, she doesn’t, really, but she now has an injury that is reminiscent of football players.

Back story: a while back, we went with some church friends to a lakehouse on Lake Cypress Springs in east Texas. It was a relaxing getaway. We took Chewie and was able to let her roam free because frankly, there was not much else around. The place was very hilly, and Chewie spent a lot of time going up and down the hills.

Apparently, at some point, she tore one of her ACLs. That’s Anterior Cruciate Ligament to those of us not familiar with the often sports-related injury. Basic premise: the body goes one way, the knee goes another. Rip.

We noticed that something was wrong, but we couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Her back legs were hurting her, but she seemed OK.

Well, last night, she didn’t jump onto the bed. This morning, she’s hobbling around on three legs.

She needs surgery. I have no idea how much that will cost. And her other ACL is probably torn as well, just not all the way through.

It’s a quality of life issue for a dog. She has pain pills, but it hurts us to see her hobble.

So, we’re taking donations… 🙂

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