Following Up on church stuff

It’s been a while since I posted about my little Springcreek drama (where I had a hard time listening to other people), so a followup is in order.

Tonight, after the First Wednesday service, Scott (the guy who gets paid to manage the presentation) asked if I had a few minutes…

I knew what was coming. I really didn’t want it to be so, but when your boss asks you to meet with them privately, it’s usually not good news.

Apparently, there’d been noticeable tension in the booth when I last served. Charles is frustrated with me; I’m frustrated with him. I get frustrated at myself for making mistakes, etc., so much so that another volunteer sent a message to Charles asking what was going on between him and me.

So, Scott made an executive decision to pull me out of the booth and “work on other creative areas”, which means doing slides for music, etc., maybe video stuff once I get a computer that can do that. It’s supposedly only temporary, at least until things cool off.

No, I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m hurt that Charles didn’t talk to me directly; I’m hurt that a church that prides itself on building relationships isn’t letting this one sort itself out; I’m just hurt right now. I’m also in a down state, and I’ve got to take that into account.

But ultimately, what matters? Nothing of this earth, certainly. However, I’m not in heaven yet, so this world has a chance to try to cut me to see if I bleed.

I’m choosing for now to be gracious as possible. Right now, that’s not very gracious, because I’m human as the next person, but it’s the best I can do.

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  1. Ah Kevin, unfortunately (I think) I know how you must be feeling. Been there, done that, now I’m tainted & can’t seem to get the bitter taste outta my mouth. It would be such a shame for Springcreek to lose you and your family, willing to serve when so many others aren’t. Keep your chin up =)

  2. Oh man! This came through today on my Google Alert I set up for the church.

    I am sorry you are butting heads with some of the higher-ups, K. I went back and read what you had written about all this leading up to Wednesday. And I know it is tough when you are giving your all and feeling like you know what is best, but not feeling appreciated for it.

    But maybe there will be something new in your “work on other creative things” that you never even knew you would enjoy and be good at. I pray that you will have an open mind and heart because your willingness to give so much does greatly impact the church.

    Feel free to confide in Mark if you need to vent to someone who has been there with you. He is a good listener.

    Tell Laureen I said: “Hello!”

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