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Life after dog

There’s a big sense of calm around the house, but also a big sense of loss, still. I hear stories almost nightly about missing the jingling of his collar, or how he looked startled when the drugs hit his vein, … Continue reading

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Obituary for Rambo Jones

Rambo “Bo-Bo” Augustus Dotson Jones Jan. 1, 1996 – April 21, 2003 Rambo Jones was put to sleep yesterday at 5:15 p.m. at Springhill Veterinary Clinic by injection. Rambo lived a full 7-plus years of life, becoming a member of … Continue reading

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Reuters, The Bastion of Bias

I don’t know anymore. Maybe Reuters has been kicked in the teeth by AP and UPI along with the instant news networks too many times, but they’re pretty much doing away with sensible reporting and headline writing. Chris Wright has … Continue reading

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Why reality shows suck, and also why they don’t suck

We get Time Magazine at home, and this particular week featured a short blurb on proposed Reality shows that are or are being considered for production. Proud admission of something many people would consider beneath themselves: I like reality shows–some … Continue reading

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The war with Iraq: a continuing question

Two questions: Number one: Where’s Osama bin Laden? Remember him? The guy actually behind the 9-11 strikes? Number two: Is anyone else as skeptical as I am of the rush to label any drum of chemicals “possible weapons of mass … Continue reading

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A dog with bite

Laureen and I have a chow-chow, approx. 7 years old, named Bo-Bo. His name was changed from Rambo in a deliberate move to de-aggress him (okay, it might not be a word, but I’m trying to capture the “je ne … Continue reading

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