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Second Class Citizens and other things

Second Class Citizens and other happy fun stuff Greetings. It’s been awhile, but hey, I’m back. The second class went just fine. No fainting, and they even showed a film on a woman receiving an epidural. I’m glad that we … Continue reading

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a first class experience

A First Class Experience Yesterday was the first in a series of prepared childbirth classes that Laureen and I are taking in preparation for Jacob’s arrival. It was in the same building as my doctor’s office is in, which is … Continue reading

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Unrequired reading

Unrequired reading No, I’m not competing We Are Officially Out of Ideas If I ever cross this threshold, promise to shoot me Victoria’s Secrets Just waiting for the X Games It’s a DOG. It’s FUR DRIES OUT. You know, very … Continue reading

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another day again

Kevin, I’d like to take the opportunity to inform you that I’ve made the decision to extend the UAT Consultant contracting job to you. I’ve turned in your name to our Procurement team who will proceed with acquiring the necessary … Continue reading

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Whither feedroll

Whither feedroll? I’m not sure where all of that dynamic content I was crowing about went. Feedroll has apparently disappeared and taken a goodly chunk of my RSS coolness with it. I guess I get to create the javascript myself, … Continue reading

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