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School Education

School Education It’s amazing how out of touch some people can be. Take for example our secretary of education, Mr. Rod Paige. He decides to call the NEA a terrorist organization and now is having to explain himself. His critique … Continue reading

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Link on the War and memory holes

Link on the war and memory holes Molly Ivin’s latest column

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Baseball If the mere thought of sports turns you off, you can go ahead and skip this article. However, if you’d like to read about local folly, please, allow me to elucidate. Tom Hicks is the owner of the Texas … Continue reading

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Love, exciting and new

Love, exciting and new… Today marks 10.5 years of marriage for Laureen and me. Yay us! In many ways, I’m the luckiest man alive. Happy V Day.

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Birthing Classes, Insurance, and the Meaning Of It All

Birthing Classes, Insurance, and The Meaning Of It All We finished our series of birthing classes yesterday, which means that all of a sudden, I can do things on Wednesday nights again (such as play doubles racquetball, hint, hint). It … Continue reading

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Insurance woes

Insurance woes It just keeps getting better with our insurance situation. Background: We decided to switch to GISD’s benefits after mine expired thinking that it would be cheaper than COBRA. Well, as it turns out, it is cheaper, but the … Continue reading

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Middlekauff Ford – dubious track record

Middlekauff Ford – dubious track record As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been having some issues with the truck-formerly-driven-by-me (now christened “The Schlomobile” by Laureen–I have never felt a need to anthropomorphize a vehicle, but all of Laureen’s cars have had … Continue reading

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Insurance Follies

Insurance Follies I’ve got so much fun stuff to talk about today, I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll pick something. 1. Work – The adjustment back to being a member of the working class has been somewhat hard. … Continue reading

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