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An apology

An apology We went to my parents’ house on Sunday, and in a fit of being tired, I turned off the TV. Dad, I apologize for doing so; it’s your house and your TV, and I didn’t realize that the … Continue reading

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More pictures coming soon

More pictures coming soon I’m sorry. I’ve been busy. Reports of no colic were premature. I’ve missed playing racquetball and updating this. You’ll get more pictures sometime this weekend. I promise.

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Colic? We don’t need no stinkin’ colic

Colic? We don’t need no stinkin’ colic… After about two days of unstoppable crying, Laureen took Jacob to the doctor yesterday. Besides being an ounce over his ideal weight, it turns out that he may be allergic to casein, a … Continue reading

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temporary fussies

temporary fussies Well, Jacob’s sleeping better today. It appears that his constant hunger has abated back to normal levels and feedings. I’m looking forward to this weekend — Jacob gets new pictures (1 month!) and he gets christened as well. … Continue reading

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Growth Spurts

Growth Spurts Strap on the blues guitar. duh duh duh da dum. Well, the baby’s cryin’, and momma needs a break, he’s always so hungry, he wants all that he can take, We try to keep him happy, try to … Continue reading

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