Growth Spurts

Growth Spurts

Strap on the blues guitar. duh duh duh da dum.
Well, the baby’s cryin’,
and momma needs a break,
he’s always so hungry,
he wants all that he can take,
We try to keep him happy,
try to make him smile,
but the baby he’s so hungry,
it hasn’t happened in a while…

I caught a bit of the president’s interviews with the two Arabic networks. He promised “openness”. It seems so funny that it gets promised only AFTER something happened. The president and vice-president haven’t exactly been models of “openness” in a lot of their dealings.

Thought: do the majority of Iraqis want a democratic government?

Next thought: I was discussing with Laureen the idea that where strictness and regulation go, violence usually follows. This is not just true of many “islamic” uprisings, but also true of the extremely conservative religious groups in the U.S. (such as the ones who advocate killing abortion providers.) Does intolerance always lead to violence?

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  1. Yes. 😛 And indiferrence always leads to the intolerant getting away with it!

    Nah, I know better than to generalize.

  2. I see one source of violence as the last resort of expression. If you can’t talk or do anything else to get your point across, anger builds up until it explodes, and someone gets hurt. So yeah, intolerance and force against expression can eventually lead to violence as expression and revolution.

    I think this might be one source in general, and for the example you provide, but there are others as well.


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