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New Year’s Eve Party

As many of you know, tomorrow is the 31st of December. This day is a day for remembrance, for celebration of the year’s accomplishments, and for quiet comtemplation about what will happen next year…. Ah, forget that. If it’s New … Continue reading

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Our Christmas

Our Christmas Well, it’s been not exactly fun at the Jones’ household over Christmas this year. Several factors contributed to it, but here’s the brief rundown: 1. Lack of Christmas traditions. Laureen and I discovered that pretty much every Christmas … Continue reading

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updates I’ve been working a lot on the OEDILF lately. Jacob’s getting big. Wow. Life’s pretty good. Right now, I’m just really busy and don’t have time to do more of an in-depth explanation of things. Short version: We’re applying … Continue reading

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Random musings

Random musings Wonderful article : How Not To Dress For Work Jacob: cut both teeth, finally. He likes hopping. A lot. We’re going to Varekai tonight. Whee! Life’s pretty good. Thanksgiving: while I love my family, having 22 people in … Continue reading

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