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Stabbing myself

I love to cook. I like taking recipes, adapting steps, and stretching the culinary portion of my abilities. Of course, this means that every so often, I do something kinda stupid. Like last night. Scenario: 8:15 p.m. Jacob had, after … Continue reading

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Major Site Design Update

As you may have guessed, there’ve been a few changes. I’ve moved from Greymatter, a .cgi based blogging system, to WordPress. This new system allows for a few new bells and whistles, such as RSS feeds. So now the two … Continue reading

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Picture Update

The first of many, I assume. Jessie’s Birth Pics

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Minor site design update

As you may have guessed, Jessie gets her own page. Here it is.

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Catching my breath

Well, Jessie’s about 11 days old now. I say “about” because it’s 1:30 in the morning on…Tuesday, I think. Today’s Jacob’s first day at summer school (Mother’s Day Out), and I’m getting to take him. I have a new, profound … Continue reading

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