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Someone Explain This To Me

I just finished reading an article from the online version of Fortune magazine written by a former congressman and former head of the Democratic Leadership Committee, Harold Ford, Jr. The article states that the President should do the following: Don’t … Continue reading

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Jacob in the Workplace

There are times when I look at my son and say, “STOP DOING THAT!” ‘That’, of course, is usually something involving torturing his sister. Of course, she tortures him as well, usually through made up songs. Since Laureen’s birthday is … Continue reading

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Religion and children

At dinner tonight, Jessie asked whether she was “baporated”. She was learning about it at her preschool (the Lutheran one), where one of the teachers had mentioned getting water poured on your head. Apparently, the LCMS does infant baptism. So, … Continue reading

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The Islamification of Oklahoma

Among the general brouhaha of the elections of November 2, there was the little tidbit that Oklahomans had passed a measure banning Sharia Law from being used in their state. Naturally, this issue has raised quite a few eyebrows at … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Love of my Life

Today, November 2, is Laureen’s 40th birthday. I got her the sexiest gift I could find–a new clothes dryer. Before you clonk me on the head for being “that type of husband,” please understand that our current dryer has a … Continue reading

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