Creative writing…

Creative writing

Well, all of my files that I sent home from Verizon Wireless were eaten. Some virus protection program somewhere along the way decided that sending .zip files through the email was a Very Bad Thing, and thus, the creative writing, personal notes, etc. that I did while at Verizon Wireless is lost to everything except my imagination. It’s not that it was good writing, mind you, but it WAS mine.

Bravo recently had a contest that invited people to submit their own ideas for a sitcom, thinking that there are many people who have said “Hey, I can write better than this.” I had a goofy idea for a story about two brothers who abandon their regular jobs to become co-owners of a burger joint, hoping to franchise it out across the country. My summary — gone. I could recreate it, I guess.

The job is going well, thank you. I really enjoy where I am and what I’m doing. Getting paid is a nice touch, as well.

I may wind up transporting the pictures to work and uploading them in my off hours from here.

Ordered a new video card for the computer. It’s still crashing every so often, but I think the cause is the poor video card that I can’t find updated drivers for (since the company discontinued the model soon after I purchased it).

The next step for me is going to be buying a brand new motherboard, processor, and memory. Maybe a new case as well. Of course, this falls into the category of “things to do when I have money.”