Why I still hate my computer

Why I still hate my computer, Part 3,482

If you’ll recall our last scintillating episode, Kevin was rapidly pulling apart his computer in an effort to unlock the great mysteries of the unknown (or, more simply, to try and get the son of a gun to work).

It appears that the processor is incompatible with the new motherboard that we installed. It’s not too slow or too fast; just incompatible. A different version of the same blasted chip works, but there’s no guarantees in life or in computing.

So, I ripped out the mobo and installed the original one back in. Now I don’t have a signal to my monitor. What the heck am I doing wrong?

I have a few theories:
1. It could be a jumper setting on the motherboard.
2. It could be a “loose” card or wiggly card. This motherboard has given me fits for some time.
3. It could be a cracked processor. Not sure about this one, because I can hear the disks spin up as if it’s trying to work.
4. It could be a bad power wiring job by me. There’s only fifteen thousand connections for power in the system, and the likelihood of getting something wrong is very high.

I really would like to spend $500 and get a new case, power supply, motherboard, processor, and memory. Of course, that’s $500 I don’t have.

Jacob, your daddy gets so frustrated with computers, especially those that should behave. I’m so tempted to call 972-730-NERD and get a different tech to come out and look at it, but after the CompUSA fiasco, I’m not certain I want to go that route again.

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  1. Have you called Kevin Lange? He built Paul’s last computer and is quite good at these sort of things. Good luck — and don’t teach Jacob his first words quite yet. My father did so while doing some plumbing repair. "$#%!, daddy?"

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