Chewie update

Chewie update

She had the surgery and came home yesterday. Her entire back hindquarters is shaved on one side, and the stitches look…well, I can’t look for too long. She had six screws put into her leg.

She’s got the no-lick collar on. This one is better than the one she wore when she was spayed.

These days have been rough. Fortunately, my dad’s heart exam turned out OK. (I thought it was scheduled for next month; turns out it was yesterday.) I’ve lost six pounds.

Laureen stated that it’s a medical fact that married men live longer because their wives nag them to take better care of themselves. Apparently, married women live shorter than their single counterparts because they have to nag their husbands….

I violated the second sacred rule of the house today: never wake a sleeping mommy. The first rule is: never wake a sleeping baby.

Gotta get back on the stick.


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  1. Married men live longer than single men, but married men are
    a lot more willing to die.

    Actually, Factoring out influences such as smoking and drinking, married men were 6.1 percent less likely to die over a seven-year period than single men, they found.

    Women benefited less from marriage, with their death risk dropping just 2.9 percent.

    So women still benefit from marriage.

    (Professor Andrew Oswald and Dr. Jonathan Gardner from the department of economics at Warwick University looked at data on more than 12,000 adults from the British Household Survey and the British Retirement Survey. )

  2. Ha Ha! Now your dog looks like my dog. She had to have her head shaved, though. Hope you can deal with the fact that you’ll be looking at an uneven patch of fur for at least two months.

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