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Nicknames One of the things that’s amazing is how quickly we have given Jacob nicknames to describe his behaviors. One of the first was “Burrito Boy” in reference to the way he was swaddled and wrapped up like a Chipotle … Continue reading

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2 week checkup

2 week checkup Well, Jacob went and visited the doctor today. Verdict: he’s healthy. 9.5 pounds, 21 in. long, right in the middle of the growth curves. He also got his first immunization today: hepatitis B. He had his first … Continue reading

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8 hr. pics

8 hr. pics Picture’s taken by my parents when they came and visited the morning of the 9th. I’m hoping to get some pictures of Laureen’s family with Jacob soon. In Daddy’s Hands Blue Footies Time to eat Who’s happier? … Continue reading

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The Birth Story Part I

The Birth Story, Part I Seeing as how Jacob is 2 weeks old today, I thought it’d be nice to finally tell some stories from the actual day, mostly around the surprise beginning. April 8th, we went for an 8:30 … Continue reading

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Fussy days, cranky nights

Fussy days, cranky nights Tired and hurting today. Had a typical new parent experience last night…Jacob was pretty fussy all night long. Nothing would calm him down, so eventually Laureen showed me the substitute pacifier trick of the back of … Continue reading

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Very first pics

Very first pics buddha first rest weigh in (NAKED BABY ALERT) Hi Mom Hi Dad Check out the pinky lift on that one

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Hospital pictures

Hospital pictures Jacob

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Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement Jacob Carl DeWayne Jones came and joined this world on a very Good Friday, 4/9/04, at 1:44 a.m. He weighed 8 lbs. 14.6 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. For the fan of the metric, that’s 4.040 kg. … Continue reading

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What’s left to do

What’s left to do 1. Pay April Bills. 2. File Income taxes. Note: I hate the tax season. I’ll like it a lot next year, when I’ve got a bouncing baby deduction, but for now, grumble grumble grumble. 3. Get … Continue reading

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Vagus Vacation

Vagus Vacation I want to talk about my brother a bit. Jim is a pretty good guy. He follows Homestar Runner; he teaches school; he works at a movie theater. He has a wife and a dog. He also has … Continue reading

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