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A few interesting thoughts

A few interesting thoughts Five questions

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Shocking headline of the week

Shocking headline of the week From Us weekly magazine: Britney and Kevin: in trouble Shocked, I am. Shocked, I tell you. Kevin Federline, that man who ditched his pregnant girlfriend to be with Britney, not being a fine upstanding man? … Continue reading

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The move

The move First off, thanks to Janet, Darrell, Larry, Melinda, Frank, and my parents for helping us begin the move this past weekend. My dad especially put in a ton of effort, and it isn’t going unnoticed. How it’s looking: … Continue reading

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Another subject on Disciples and Heritage

So where should they go? When mom and dad came over Sunday, they brought with them a letter from Rockwood Christian Church that basically stated their reasons for dropping from the larger Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and becoming a … Continue reading

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