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Can Corporations be “Religious”?

Let’s talk about Hobby Lobby. Currently, HL is suing the federal government because they feel that the inclusion of emergency contraceptives as part of mandated by PPACA goes against their religious beliefs. There has been some frothing at the mouth … Continue reading

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Deconstructing religious interpretation

The context for this post has been brewing for quite some time. It came about because I have been spending time researching arguments about Islam to investigate some claims made about that particular religion (see this, for instance). One of … Continue reading

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Springcreek’s New Auditorium – First Impressions

Well, Springcreek opened their new auditorium today, it being the culmination of about 8 months of effort. Keith Stewart came back from Africa to start a series titled “How’s That Working For You?” that focuses primarily on our image of … Continue reading

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A Few Updates

We played “Pass the Virus” last weekend. It was fun. Note: never feed your child goldfish crackers when they’re vomiting. It only makes the vomit a nifty shade of orange. I think I’ve finally come to some conclusion on Spring … Continue reading

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Updates, Better Dates, etc.

So, the frostbite “gap” hasn’t healed. I’ve got an appointment with a wound care specialist this upcoming Friday. If that doesn’t help, surgery will be needed…. I’ve added some new galleries for the kids from February to April. The links … Continue reading

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Oprah, New Age, and … Whatever

You know, I’m already sick and tired of this. If you don’t know what’s going on, here’s a youtube clip. Now, let’s get beyond the fact that this is, essentially, an 8 minute ad for this person’s book. Let’s move … Continue reading

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Following Up on church stuff

It’s been a while since I posted about my little Springcreek drama (where I had a hard time listening to other people), so a followup is in order. Tonight, after the First Wednesday service, Scott (the guy who gets paid … Continue reading

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Happy Easter everyone. I wish for you wellness and a rebirth of your soul as I search for a rebirth in mine. I was running the video at Church this week, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. … Continue reading

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Laureen and I did something unusual tonight: we went to a church service just to go to it. We didn’t go for the music, the minister, or because we were serving in some capacity. We just went. And it was … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on this weekend

It was pretty rough for me, personally. This weekend was the first I’ve worked at Springcreek since questioning the higher-ups. And it took four services to realize it, but it was also something that Pastor Bob talked about in his … Continue reading

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