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Intelligent Design

Just read the link, ok? When we change the meaning of words like “theory”, or use them out of context (as in “It’s just a theory”. WHAT PART OF SCIENTIFIC THEORY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?), God’s creation gets distorted and … Continue reading

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Okay, this confuses me

Check out that sign As the entry tag on states: “After your kid fails the minimum skills assessment, a sign reading “Let are kids walk” is probably not going to convince the school he/she should walk for graduation.” Now … Continue reading

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There’s more in the gallery. Jessie May 2007.

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And here’s some food for thought

From Daily Kos

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Pigdin English vs. Ebonics… where’s the line?

I’ve gotten into the lolcats thing lately. See I Can Has Cheezburger for examples of this, but looking at some of the examples, most noticeably the walrus with bucket theme, I got to wondering whether these unintentionally cross the line … Continue reading

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So, an eat’ll pool link tread

We got a new camcorder today. It’s all digital. Expect enlightenment soon. I’m trying to figure out where this year went. Jessie turns 1 on the 24th. She’s started taking a few steps on her own. Anyway, I’m working on … Continue reading

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Mixing kids and paint

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How we’re lucky

This is our backyard. Yes, that was a big tree that fell over about a week ago. If it had fallen a different direction, it might have caused some major havoc, but we’re lucky/blessed.

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