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A Prayer of Thanks For What I Don’t Have

(Note: God is one of those things that I still intellectually struggle with. I haven’t fully surrendered to His will, I tend to dispute issues in the Bible that seem improbable, and I can’t let go of the belief that … Continue reading

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Dog Days

Chewie got hit by a vehicle today. She somehow got out in the rain and was up in the street, and a truck got her. Fortunately, all that happened was she dislocated one of her hips, and the vet thinks … Continue reading

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A long update

Let’s see, where to begin: Jacob has a rare blood disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Roughly translated, that is “We don’t know why his platelet count drops and causes bruises.” It only happens when he gets a virus, but he … Continue reading

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Another Link On Politics

What does America want?

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On teaching

Another diary entry.

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