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Springcreek’s New Auditorium – First Impressions

Well, Springcreek opened their new auditorium today, it being the culmination of about 8 months of effort. Keith Stewart came back from Africa to start a series titled “How’s That Working For You?” that focuses primarily on our image of … Continue reading

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What’s Happening

Well, after the layoffs (which, by the way, got 25% of the company, so I wasn’t the only lucky one), it’s been a pretty busy week. Whenever you do the job switch mambo, it’s always not fun. There’s no way … Continue reading

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Well that was unexpected…

I got laid off from Credant today after a third quarter of the company not meeting their goals. I wasn’t the only one, and it wasn’t particularly pretty. However, I’m actually not that distraught about this. I’ve got some severance, … Continue reading

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Facing It

We met with the Consumer Credit People today. The good news is that there’s hope. There’s a way out. The not-necessarily-bad-but-not-fun news is that there’s going to have to be some severe cutting of stuff in order for us to … Continue reading

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