The 800 miles story

It’s not that complicated, honestly.

Laureen had an event at her director’s home in Austin in early September. Of course, when the home is in the million-dollar range, that makes it rather unique.

We left Friday, driving the 315 miles from Dallas to Austin, arriving rather late Friday night (or even Saturday morning). We stayed at a Howard Johnson’s near the highway (reason: free breakfast buffet for His Highness the Bacon-Eating machine). Saturday morning, we got up. I dropped Laureen off, then drove 56 miles to visit Laureen’s mom. The kids loved seeing Oma’s place, and this was the first time she’d seen Jessie in quite some time.

Note to self: traveling anywhere with kids increases your luggage needs exponentially. More kids would presumably make it a bit easier, but we don’t know.

We left San Antonio at 4:00 p.m., got back to the hotel, ate, watched more Peep, then went to pick Laureen up and bring her back to the hotel. (She didn’t want to leave Jessie overnight, and I didn’t either).

Sunday, repeat the story of Saturday. Drop Laureen off, drive to San Antonio, visit for a while, then come back, pick Laureen up. From there, drive home.

315 miles to Austin.

112 miles to and from San Antonio on Saturday.

112 miles to and from San Antonio on Sunday.

315 miles to Dallas.

854 miles in all.

Highlights: Seeing Oma. Playing with Oma’s furniture. Jessie getting a chance to be with Oma. Laureen’s training.

Lowlights: the massive bloody nose Jacob got in South Dallas. Blasted platelet issues….

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  1. Captain Sunshine says:

    Dude –

    How did you get to Austin? It’s only 200 miles from here. Waco’s halfway.

    Hope all the garage sales on the side roads were worth it. Always were for me.


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