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It just kinda speaks for itself…

This just kinda speaks for itself.

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Turning Incompetence into a Business Opportunity

I’m in class a lot these days, and this week it happens to be Software Quality Engineering Institute classes (big fancy organization, huh). I’m still in Dallas, but I’m not at my desk. In the middle of one of our … Continue reading

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Opinions and attitudes

Editorial on Michael Moore’s Oscar Speech from an Ohio newspaper I replied to this with the following: Re: Editorial on Michael Moore And the 2003 award for most obviously Republican-slanted editorial goes to: The Advocate! The biggest problem with the … Continue reading

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Don’t bite your tongue

Part 2 of 3 So having parts of your tongue cut off to teach you not to bite your tongue seems a bit extreme, but there’s another learning experience embedded, free of charge! As you might expect, having stitches in … Continue reading

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Some new author info

Chris Wright will occasionally be writing columns on the site. His code named is DeRigeur, or “DeRigger” if you’re French. He’s a good friend, and his stories are always a different pace. Kevin P.S. quote from a Sonics employee – … Continue reading

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Don’t bite your tongue

Part 1 of 3 Had an interesting learning experience this week. Having someone chop parts of your tongue off is an exciting way to learn something new. Seems I had a tumor on my tongue, as well as some “pre-cancerous … Continue reading

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If you haven’t checked some of the comments lately…

Hey there. DeRigeur, he of the oral surgery, has been posting some pretty good material that points out that at least the Reuters news organization deliberately slants headlines toward the left. So in that case, there is the left-wing bias. … Continue reading

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Peace and death

So, we had Rachel Corrie protesting the Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes. She was killed when she fell down while standing in front of an Israeli army bulldozer with a bullhorn. The dozer rolled over her and then backed up. … Continue reading

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A nice site to visit

Bill sent me this site in the mail, and I thought I’d include it. I’ll tell some stories about Nashville later.

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Live from Nashville

Hey hidy, Here in Nashville, you’d almost expect for tons of people to be on the street with guitars and stars in their eyes. I’ve only seen one guitar, and the gentleman playing it didn’t exactly have stars in his … Continue reading

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