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Jacob and TV

How you can tell Jacob’s watching too much TV: He’s playing in Jessie’s room with blocks and suddenly says, “Mommy, look! I found a pause!”

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Happy Easter everyone. I wish for you wellness and a rebirth of your soul as I search for a rebirth in mine. I was running the video at Church this week, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. … Continue reading

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Laureen and I did something unusual tonight: we went to a church service just to go to it. We didn’t go for the music, the minister, or because we were serving in some capacity. We just went. And it was … Continue reading

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One sad note, one depressing issue

As some of you know, I’m involved in an online game called Kingdom of Loathing, a role-playing game for people who don’t like role-playing games. As is typical of the genre, there are ways to connect with other people and … Continue reading

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What’s Goin’ On

Welcome to Spring Break, or “trying to re-establish everything”. I’ve been very depressed lately, and it basically hones in on my body. I’m tired all of the time, I don’t feel like doing anything, etc. I’ve got a Dr. appt. … Continue reading

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A Jessie Perspective

Today was oddly warm. Warm enough such that we put swim diapers on the kids and let them play with sprinklers in the back yard. Jessie has a strange habit of taking her thumb and pushing the back end of … Continue reading

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First Wednesday

Charles got to both direct and run the computer at the First Wednesday service last night. He did an admirable job for the amount of slides he had (started off with 86), but his main comment coming out was that … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on this weekend

It was pretty rough for me, personally. This weekend was the first I’ve worked at Springcreek since questioning the higher-ups. And it took four services to realize it, but it was also something that Pastor Bob talked about in his … Continue reading

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