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When the House Falls Down

The air conditioner went out today. $2500 for just the compressor, $7500 for the entire AC system. Pest control. Yard work. Everything’s driving me crazy.

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Finally healed

13 weeks… 1/4th of a year. The frostbite is healed.

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An interesting viewpoint

Illiad (J.D. Frazier) of User Friendly wrote this in his blog: NOT MULTICULTURALISM, BUT COVERT COLONIALISM: As a resident of the Greater Vancouver area, I’m both grateful and proud of the cultural diversity that surrounds me. By virtue of my … Continue reading

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Jessie’s first haircut

Before: After:

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A Few Updates

We played “Pass the Virus” last weekend. It was fun. Note: never feed your child goldfish crackers when they’re vomiting. It only makes the vomit a nifty shade of orange. I think I’ve finally come to some conclusion on Spring … Continue reading

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