The worst thing in the world

… is that I might actually have to ditch being pessimistic about everything.

Once I got laid off, I decided to take what is for me a change of pace and attempt to be positive about the situiation. I said, “I’ll have a job by the end of July.”

On Wednesday, I was contacted by a company I’d interviewed with and asked to name a rate for contracting. They noted I was their first choice for the position.

Having done the contracting thing once before, I didn’t want to undervalue myself. When you contract, you get no paid time off for anything. No vacation, no holidays, nothing. You also get no health insurance or other sponsored benefits. In some cases, that can be fine if you’re young, single, in shape, and svelte and handsome, but when you’re only the last one, it means making a decision how much those benefits are worth.

So I named a figure, thinking that (a) it was high but (b) dammit, I’m worth it. I’ve been doing this stuff 15 years, and I’ve got a specialized body of knowledge and skills that allow me to be flexible and do anything.

Much to my surprise, they were willing to pay that rate. So, regardless of whatever else in my job search happens, I have a job.

That all happened on July 31/Aug. 1. My wife keeps telling me about “if you think positively, the world will conspire to make your expectations happen.” Guess I got to believe her, huh?

In addition to this position, the only serious competition is an interview later this week with Nokia. Of course, that job would be 25 miles away as opposed to biking distance, but the lure of benefits might just make it worth it. Either way, I’ll know Thursday of this upcoming week.

Thanks for all of your support/prayers/best thoughts, etc. I have always been a stubborn, fiercely independent soul, so much as to the point of not wanting to allow others to help me, but in this case, whatever goodwill everyone has sent has in some way helped me get this position, and for that, I’m grateful and thankful.

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