Giving up a sure thing

Well, my job situation just keeps getting interesting.

In my last article, I talked about stepping out on faith and getting a job by when I said I would. Since that contract offer, I’ve interviewed at two companies, and my experience with the second company has led me to do something I’ve never done before, and that’s turn down work.

Basically, Andrew Wireless wanted me to start this upcoming Monday on the contract. My interview with Advanced Neuromuscular Systems went really well on Friday, and they said they’d have a decision on me by Monday. Based on my gut feeling, I turned down the contract so I could be in a position to accept an offer from ANS. Doing that before Monday may have been crazy, but I gave my word to Andrew that I’d let them know by Friday whether I was showing up or not, and I didn’t want to lead them down any more primrose paths by stalling them. That’s not fair or right, and I’d rather be as gracious as possible under the circumstances.

Still, it’s pretty much shutting the door on any future employment at Andrew. Can I live with that? Yes. I’m not happy to have caused a headache on their end, but they’ll find another good person.

I’ll talk more about ANS once I know if that’s my future.