And reconsidering your decisions

Well, ANS didn’t make me an offer.

This portion of our job search is brought to you by “Fear, Doubt, and Basic Questions about Worthiness”.

No, I don’t know why. There will be other positions. I just have to find them.

I’ve sent out about 10 resumes today.

Should I take the contract position, locking me in for 6 months? I don’t know. I just don’t know. It may not even be available anymore.

3 replies on “And reconsidering your decisions”

  1. Kevin, I figure you’ve already done this, but just in case- have you tried re-contacting Andrew and asking if the contract is still available?

  2. Happy anniversary!! (I know it’s in August and I think it’s around or before my birthday and I definitely know I missed it. Sorry!) This makes 15 years for you two, right?

    Hope we’ll see you all soon! Please pass along my love to L, J & J. 🙂

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