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Rockin’ the Workout

I’m starting the third week of team training. It looks like I’ve lost about 15 pounds so far. However, I still always look for the closest parking spot to the front door of the gym. Some things don’t change. Thanks … Continue reading

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MK and Laureen

Laureen sells Mary Kay cosmetics. This past week, there was her quasi-geographical region/area/unit/agglomeration’s seminar at the Dallas Convention Center with other events held at the Hyatt Regency Reunion. In order to make life easier on us, we sent Jacob to … Continue reading

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Feeling Better, Then Just Feeling It

If you haven’t stopped by Lopey’s Links yet, you’re missing my sad attempt at making a clone with other “somewhat interesting but probably only to me” links. But I’m happy with it, and it keeps me out of trouble. … Continue reading

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And another thing

I’ve revamped Lopeyland. The site was dying. It’s now Lopey’s Links, with stuff I find interesting. Yes, I’m still working on the formatting.

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Why I’m feeling down

I just looked at our bank account and have tried to make payments…. Sadly, we’re sliding even further into debt now. I personally feel responsible, since I’m the one who wanted to get everything going on the budget, and then … Continue reading

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Can This President Do ANY Worse?

Sigh. Double sigh. Makes me want to go out a lie to a grand jury right now…

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