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When good intentions bite back

We’ve switched to Green Mountain Energy, a company that uses renewable resources for their energy at surprisingly competitive rates. This gives me (well, maybe Laureen and not necessarily me) a semi-warm fuzzy about not harming the environment. After one disconnect … Continue reading

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Something not so depressing

We got our flexible spending reimbursement straightened out, so with some of that money (the rest goes to debt and getting me a new pair of glasses, something I haven’t had since five years ago), we got a new washing … Continue reading

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Springcreek and tech

Short post: talked with Scott, aired my concerns, he aired his. We understand each other, although if I’m going to be happy, I have to go in Fridays and change the lyrics to my satisfaction. More later.

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Taking care of yourself. Sometimes a bit too well…

I mentioned a few posts down about having a vasectomy. After the surgery, Laureen pretty much ran the household while I stayed in bed with ice packs (actually bags of frozen peas) to decrease swelling and soreness. Dr. Hassell recommended … Continue reading

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My eventual response

Charles and Scott, After having prayed, thought, kicked and screamed about this, here’s my concerns and response to this: I’ve spent the last six years doing Multisensory worship services in a variety of roles, including: – playing in the band … Continue reading

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More on Sigh

And the saga continues: From Charles Duncan, the director of the tech side: Kevin, Thanks for your work this weekend. It was the first weekend of Scott “cracking down on us,” as you phrased it. I think his email has … Continue reading

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So I’m here early at church, around 3 o’ clock. And we’ve been given specific instructions to “not make any additions, deletions, or changes” to any slides. Apparently, this week’s message is diverging from our normal path, but the overall … Continue reading

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A Vast Difference

Well, the vasectomy happened Friday. I have been in a bit of pain for the past day or so, but it’s not extremely painful by any stretch. Except for the fact that I’m awake and typing on my computer instead … Continue reading

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Money and the lack thereof

It’s somewhat sobering to try to rectify 14 years of bad habits. We’ve overextended ourselves big time on credit, and as a result, we’re trying to pay with cash (or check) for everything. Of course, this has its limitations, namely, … Continue reading

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The Growth of Jacob

Jacob’s entering a new phase of life today: school five days a week. His teacher MWF happens to be the same teacher he had when he was in the infant room (Miss Jessica). When this was mentioned to him, he … Continue reading

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